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What can I do with Tournify?

Tournify supports your sports or eSports tournament. As an organiser, you are able to easily manage the teams, create a tournament format, set up a match schedule and process all results. The athletes and spectators are updated via a tournament website you set up in minutes. Your custom and unqieuly generated website by Tournify contains the schedule, scores and standings.

Do I need an account to use Tournify?

If you want to organise a tournament, you need to register and create an account. By doing so, you can save your tournament and restrict access to others. We only ask for your name and email when registering, and you can pick a password. Participants to the tournament and other viewers can follow the tournament online without an account.

How many people can be logged in to one account at the same time?

There is no limit to that. You can share your login credentials with other organisers. You can also work with multiple accounts on the same tournament, by adding extra accounts as administrators on the Participants page. There is also the option to share login links with referees and teams, so they are able to report scores via the tournament website - without the need of creating an account.

Do I need internet to use Tournify?

Yes, you need an internet connection and a modern browser. You can use Tournify on ony device (pc, laptop, tablet). We recommend using Google Chrome.

Can I download an iOS/Android app?

Yes! Every Pro, World Class or Legendary tournament can be presented using the Tournify App, which is available for Android & iOS. No one's gonna be late for a match thanks to handy push notifications. Referees or players may submit scores directly from within the app, when you provide them with their unique login link. The app is made only for presenting tournaments: the tournament planner (Tournify Manage) is only available in your browser. We recommend choosing a big screen to create your match schedules (although the website is completely responsive and works on mobile phones as well).

I'm missing a feature or support for my sports. Can I report this somewhere?

Yes please! We love to know which features you would like to see added to Tournify. Therefore, we created a dedicated feature request page at On this page you're able to vote or comment on ideas of others or add your own!

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